Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going The Distance: Movie Review

The track record on romantic-comedies that Hollywood churns out is not very good. For every one that’s watchable, there are another dozen that are complete garbage.   For example, this year we have had duds like The Bounty Hunter, Killers, The Back Up Plan, She’s Out Of My League, The Switch, and I am sure there are a few more.  I did not hate The Switch, but it really was not all that good.  With that being said, I am pleased to tell you that Going the Distance is a refreshingly funny and sweet surprise.

There is nothing about the trailers for Going The Distance to make it seem more than another bland romantic-comedy.  I did not even notice till I got to the theater and looked at the poster that the film was rated R.   Let me tell you that this movie earns an R rating and that’s part of what makes the movie so good.

I do love Drew Barrymore in films like these.  If you look back at some of her films like Fever Pitch, Never Been Kissed, Music & Lyrics, she is just so adorable.  How can you not love her?  She also seems to find herself the perfect co-stars for her projects. Either that or she can connect with anyone she shares the screen with.

The film centers on Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garett (Justin Long).  One night they meet in a bar within hours of Garett being dumped by his girlfriend.  Erin and Garett hook up and the following morning Erin tells him that she is only going to be in New York for 6 more weeks before she moves to California for school.  They both decide that they won’t start anything serious but will continue to hang out.

Well we all know that the more time they spend together the closer they are going to get and when they decide to go for the long distance relationship we do want to see this couple who obviously love each other find a way to make it work.  I am not giving away anything that is not already in the trailers, but what’s not in those trailers are all the laugh out loud moments in the film.  This movie has some great moments from Erin’s protective sister Corinne (Christina Applegate) and Garrett’s friends Dan & Box steal every scene they are in.  I seriously cannot believe how much I laughed in this film.  This is one of those romantic comedies that guys will tell their friends to go see it.  That is not something you come across too often.

Barrymore and Long are great together on screen and while they were filming this movie, they were actually a real life couple.  Many times when real life couples try to play an on screen couple, it does not seem to translate well on film.  Just ask Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez or Sean Penn & Madonna.

Fellas, don’t let the fact that this looks like a chick flick stop you from going to see this.  You will laugh more in Going the Distance than more comedies that have come out this year.

By: Marc Ferman